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Latest Web Design Trends

Responsive Web Design

Some leading designers have called this more than a current trend, and have even claimed that this is the new standard. For those unfamiliar with responsive website design the idea is to create a website within a flexible grid, primarily so that alternate (mobile) versions and apps are not necessary. The site reorients itself to fit your browser automatically. Smartphones are on track to outnumber personal computers before the end of 2012. Tablet PCs also continue to increase in popularity. If website designers don’t adapt they may find themselves being phased out.


HTML5 E-Commerce Sites

The only way to truly change something is to build something that makes the old thing obsolete. In our opinion HTML5 and CSS3 did exactly that to older versions of HTML over the past year. Printed marketing materials went through a renaissance of sorts when digital four-color printing became much more common and affordable. Printed pieces using old offset printing techniques were left looking extremely bland in comparison. Websites designed using HTML5 and CSS3 are beginning to make their competitors using older versions of HTML look much the same.



Though we aren’t there yet, we believe that animation will start to take over the internet in 2012. Static html will probably never disappear, but sites lacking animation will eventually start to look pretty bland in comparison. True HTML5 animation is here, and now is the time to start thinking about how to incorporate it into your site.


Big Image Backgrounds

HTML5 allows unlimited layering, and CSS3 makes using big background images as easy as it gets. Unlike older versions of HTML, there’s no need to turn your SEO friendly links into flattened and sliced images to create the illusion of a single large background image. This allows websites to display huge images as backgrounds instead, and those images do not interfere with the functionality of the site. 2012 will likely see web designers taking advantage of that and using more big background images to liven up their sites.

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Zerio Modified Cars and Auto Parts is an example of E-Commerce Site plus a Flash Gallery Introduction for showing their Products in a larger view and Cool Transition Effects

JBAS Photography or also known as JBas Digital Photoart is a Photo Album Type of Website of a Freelance Photographer in Our Lady of Fatima University Antipolo named Jesther B. Bas. JBAS Photography website is a personal website for his Portfolios in Photoshoots, Events and other School Shots.

A Newly born Social Networking Site Called Persona Community is a mixed idea of a group of Developers. Soon on Theme Express