Web Design Team

Theme Express is a group of Web Developers that specializes in Programming and offers customized Web Designs for every client's need.

The Team is aiming to deploy a quality and affordable websites for all sole proprietors and companies not only here in the Philippines, but around the world. We also provide a 24/7 Technical Support especially to some down concerns.

Not just an ordinary website, but a Quality and Affordable Website for all.

The Team


Founder / CMS Developer

A Content Management System Developer and a Flash Developer driven with passion and determination exceed expectations. CSS and XML are like puzzles to him most especially in Web Designing. He is also the Web Designer of team with his creativity based on Latest Web Design Trends.



Web Developer / Programmer

Jaymarc or also known as the "Boy Javascript" before.. JS is his favorite transitions when it comes to web development, he is not using any transition effects. A programmer since 2010 founded in Antipolo with a skills in PHP and VB. He encountered lots of bugs in every system but this guy is a totally troubleshooting machine.



Web Developer / Programmer

He believed that "If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business - Bill Gates". Building an Online store is one of the hobby of this guy. To create a unique E-commerce website is one of his goal when we are having our brainstorming.



Web Designer / Graphic Artist

The Big Man, Yes Literally Big. Jay O is a cool and funny guy ever since we met him. He always does his best in editing stuffs in Photoshop while singing the songs of his favorite band, Boys 2 Men.